New Direction and Growth

As a small business owner I am always trying to find what is the best way to provide a service to our clients at the best price with the best quality we can. Throughout 2021 and COVID we had struggled with supplies, keeping our costs in check, as well as being able to get our products to our clients on time.


As part of all of this, it was decided that we launch a new part of our Green Earth brand, it is with very exciting news that we have created a new company; Green Earth Cabinets Pty Ltd.


With the launch of Green Earth Cabinets we are setting up a manufacturing workshop, showroom and stock warehouse that we can ensure the quality, price and schedules that our clients require. This will be accomplished by ensuring that we control the manufacture by doing it ourselves, we had always tried to use other businesses; thinking that our costs would be more by setting up a commercial premises, but the more we researched and the more COVID affected our service it has shown us that our quality and service is being let down by others. 


We are setting up our premises in Wangara and think that we can really do the right thing for our clients and grow our business and brand. This will Crete a full one stop shop for our kitchen, laundry, bathroom and small commercial cabinet projects. It will even give our clients much more ability and flexibility to see their project as it starts to come together if they wish to see it being built,  walk through with the colour samples much readily available.


Green Earth Building will be trading as usual for all of your maintenance, site installation work, patios, etc.. The only difference to you as a client is that you will have the access to a showroom and premises to view your project take shape. This is mostly for the reason that the manufacturing is a different industry to the building and construction for our insurances.